When does each sport start in the US? American Sports Seasons 2020

When does each sport start in the US? American Sports Seasons 2020

Let me guess… You’re here because you’re looking for a list to find out when the season starts for the major sports in US? Don’t worry – you don’t have to look further; we’ve compiled brief list of sports so you can keep up in 2020.

Major League Baseball: The MLB season begins with spring training in February, and exhibition games are played in February and March. The regular season begins in early April, and ends in September. The playoffs take place in October, when a World Series champion is eventually crowned.

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National Football League: Training camp and exhibition games start in July. The regular NFL season games begin in September and end in December. The playoffs begin in December, and last until a champion is declared from each of the two league conferences. The two conference winners meet to determine a league champion at the super bowl in January.

National Basketball Association: NBA training camp and exhibition games start in October. The regular season lasts from November until April. After the regular season the playoffs begin, with a champion determined in late June.

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National Hockey League: The NHL season starts with training camp and exhibition games in mid September. The regular season starts in the second week of October, and ends in Early April. The playoffs start almost immediately after the regular season, and the Stanley cup league champion is crowned in June.

Now that you’re up to date, here’s a recap of the sports seasons in 2020. Remember to mark these important events on your Calendar so you don’t miss them! What month is your favourite?


  • College football major bowl games and national championships 2020
  • National Hockey League Playoffs
  • College basketball conference plays
  • National Hockey League All-Star Game 2020
  • NFL Super Bowl Championships 2020


  • 2020 Super Bowl
  • 2020 College Basketball Conference Starts
  • National Basketball Association All Star Game
  • MLB Spring Training begins 2020
  • MLB Exhibition games


  • March Madness 2020
  • MLB Exhibition Games 2020


  • College Basketball Final Four
  • The Masters
  • Major League Baseball opening Day/Season begins
  • NBA Regular Season Ends


  • NBA Playoffs
  • NHL Playoffs
  • Champions League final, end of League and League Cup Competition


  • NBA Finals 2020
  • NHL Finals
  • Wimbledon Week 1
  • US Open 2020
  • NHL Stanley Cup


  • Wimbledon Week 2
  • Major League Baseball All-Star Game
  • NFL Training Camp
  • NFL Exhibition Games


  • Week 1 of US Open
  • PGA Championship


  • Week 2 of US Open
  • College Football Regular Season begins
  • Beginning of the National Football League season
  • End of Baseball Regular Season


  • MLB Playoffs
  • MLB World Series
  • Beginning of NBA Season 2020
  • Beginning of NHL Season 2020
  • College Football Regular Season


  • College Basketball Begins 2020
  • College Football Rivalry Week
  • NBA Season Starts


  • College Football conference championships and minor bowls
  • NFL Playoffs begin 2020
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