We’ve done all the hard work for you and gathered all the best sports fonts to use on custom sports uniforms. These fonts are best used on the front location of uniforms or headwear in combination with team letters, mascots or additional lines of text.

Using the right fonts with the right contrasting color plays an important role in making sure your custom sports uniforms stand out on court or on field. Whether you’re a basketball, american football or baseball team these fonts are key to make sure your custom uniform designs are effective.


Airstream Font - Best Sports Fonts


Air Stream font was designed by Nick Curtis in 1999. This font is a great addition to any lettering on jerseys across the chest or writing your teams name.

Ballpark Font - Best Sports Fonts


Ballpark Weiner was designed by Mickey Rossi. It has been one of the most popular script fonts for baseball and baskeball jerseys lettering across the chest.

Brush Script Font - Best Sports Fonts


Brush Script is one of the most popular script typefaces in the world. It was designed by Robert E Smith. in 1942 for the American Type Founders. It simulates the look of handwritten letters with an ink brush. This font is best used when writing your team in title case.

Brothers Font - Best Sports Fonts


Brothers is a serif typeface which was released in 1999 by John Downer which was based on lettering for Cole Brothers traveling circus. It is best used for single lettering on our custom headwear or writing team names, lettering and team numbers.

Tiffany Font - Best Sports Fonts


Stahls Tiffany is a western style font face which is most commonly used by baseball or softball teams, it has a close similarity to the Red Sox font. This font is most popular when being used as player numbers.

Hardball Font - Best Sports Fonts

IFC Hardball

IFC Hardball was designed by Anton Krylov in 2011. It is one of our teams favourite fonts which looks amazing embroidered on custom made headwear or custom basketball uniforms when writing your team name.

Serpentine Font - Best Sports Fonts


Serpentine font has a distinctive design featuring heavy strokes and squared bowls with rounded corners. Serpentine is a natural for display settings primarily of the sense of impact it has. Serpentine was designed by Dirk Jensen in 1972. It is great to use to give your team that retro look you're after.

Square 721 Bold Font - Best Sports Fonts

Square 721 BDEX BT

Square 721 was designed by Aldo Novarese and published by Bitstream. It has a wide variety of usage favourites such as baseball or basketball numbers and writing team names.

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