Custom Mouth Guards for All Sports

Our custom made mouth guards ensure we have the best high end oral protective technologies for exercise and all sports. Our mouth guards are specifically designed to absorb impact based on your sport and can help prevent broken teeth and injuries to lips, tongue, face or jaw when playing sports. We make the best custom mouth guards you’ll actually wear.

For most high impact sports, getting knocked about is just part of the game.

Whether it’s ice hockey, boxing, american football, muay thai or basketball. We ensure you’re armed with the right mouth guard. Athletes give themselves the best chance of avoiding nasty injuries. Surprisingly many clubs don’t enforce rules requiring players to wear mouth guards. Even when there are rules enforcing this, it’s clear that there are no set guidelines for the standard or quality of mouth guards that should be used.

We’ve partnered with the best manufacturer in the United States! Our Damage Control Mouthguards are made for protection and breath ability. The custom mouth guards are based on your impact level, the sport you play, and your size and gender. We know you don’t have time to fiddle with your mouth guard to make it more comfortable. The custom mouth guards are 3D printed so it’s literally made for you.

Our custom made mouth guards can have it’s own custom design, text, colors, fangs, or gold teeth grills. All custom mouth guards come with a mouth guard case for proper care which will keep your mouth guard functional for years to come.

We offer the best way to protect your team! You can customize any of our mouth guard lines with your team design.

Send us your team logos, colors or text and our graphic designers will send you a proof for approval. Provided logos must be in vector artwork or high quality digital artwork.

We ask a minimum order of 15 boil and bite mouth guards, and 10 custom mouth guards for our quntity discounts. Whether it is your team colors, or a promotional mouth guard for your brand or event. All team designs must be the same. If you would like a different design per mouth piece (like jersey numbers) there is an extra $2.00 charge per mouth guard.

Pacifier Mouth Guards
(with football straps)
$15.00 each

High Impact Mouthguards
$20.00 each

Extreme Impact Mouthguards
(includes mouth guard cases)

$30.00 each

Custom Fit Mouthguards
(includes mouth guard cases)
$100.00 each


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